Scarlett Style Hair Extensions Edmonton Contest

Beautiful ExtensionsHave you ever wanted to have hair extensions that look very much like your favorite celebrity? Well, Edmonton Alberta is actually holding a competition in a few days for talented hairstylists and extensionists. It is a very small competition that will be held near Oliver Square and is a fun way to help generate awareness of some of the most talented designers in the area.

One of our favorite actresses is of course Scarlett Johansson so we figured it would only make sense to try and have all of our contestants mimic one of her hair styles from one of her Red Carpet Events. We all know that celebrities always go a little bit extra during these times, and usually pull out all the stops. From expensive clothing to expensive hair you better believe you’re going to see it all at an award show.

In the past few years there has definitely been a rise in hair extension Edmonton services. from clip-ins to sew ins you can find a specialist that can take care of your needs a lot easier than you could about 5 years ago. We’re not too sure if it’s the Kardashian’s or what, but this stylistic trend has caught on not only in Canada but also in the United States, Australia and United Kingdom.

Blonde Hair Water RelaxingThe winner of the contest would be provided free promo for a month to shed light on their salon services as well as extension services. Anyway that we can help provide more traffic to our local businesses is a benefit not only that but also to us.

Although there isn’t much time left, if you know anybody who was interested in potentially entering into the contest please let them know as soon as possible. If this competition goes well then we may have another one for the following year.

Contestant Choices

As a contestant in the competition you have choices on what style of hair you would like yo use. Below is just a brief list of what is most commonly used.


Contestants have the option to use sew-in weft style hair for the comp. There is a 6 hour time limit, so you can choose whatever method you are most comfortable with, or fastest with. Points will be given for speed.


One of the more popular methods. You can choose to use clip-ins for a faster session or if they are the only style you are used to.

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Chloe / April 26, 2016 / News